Three Best Legal Android Poker Apps


If you have been following legal developments in the United States, you know that online poker legalization is making major headway at the state level. Three states have legalized the game with several others expected to go online in the next couple of years. With states finally bringing games online, this means that poker players […]

3 Gaming Breakthroughs To Get Excited About

Phil Spencer Leading Video Game Companies

The world of gaming is forever expanding. Forever enhancing. It develops quicker than the McLaren M23 in Forza. Faster than Sonic the Hedgehog with power sneakers. It’s almost impossible to keep up. And this year will be no different. 2015 is going to be a big year for gaming, with CES and the Game Developers […]

Can the Mac Become a New Breed of Gaming PC


Mac users have certainly received the short straw over the years when it comes down to gaming. Most gamers have always opted for PC systems that actually offer viable gaming solutions over that of what Apple could ever provide. The games were sparse, the hardware wasn’t quite good enough to accommodate powerful gaming action and […]

How 4K Monitors Have Improved the World of Gaming

Gaming in 4K monitor

If you haven’t heard by now, the 4K Ultra HD displays are coming. The movies are arriving, through outlets such as Netflix and Amazon. All the huge TV companies are gearing up to get ready for 4K television. While the entire buzz has been around 4K TV sets and the like, my main focus will […]

Disable Blue Tick on WhatsApp – Stop Message Seen Feature

Disable WhatsApp Message Seen Feature

WhatsApp being acquired by Facebook has done some specific changes and the major one in this series is Blue ticks which appears when the person had read/seen the messages. As known earlier the messages were also acknowledged but the blue ticks were not there, they were grey and was a sign that the messages has […]